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Quality – Meeting deadlines and adhering to quotations

Traducta makes a point of focusing exclusively on its core métier: translation. For that reason, we undertake only (written) translation work, to the exclusion of any tasks involving interpretation, drafting, or revision/correction of translations carried out by third parties. Over the years, the company has earned a solid reputation founded on the following keystones :

Quality : the texts are entrusted to translators translating into their mother tongue who are specialists in their respective fields. Their work is subjected to in-depth terminological research and is meticulously revised.

Teamwork : "Two heads are better than one" – this saying perfectly encapsulates the approach motivating the company's staff, who constantly exchange ideas and suggestions and help each other to find the right term or the appropriate formulation.

Meeting deadlines : we strive to produce our translations as quickly as possible, adhering strictly to the deadline agreed with the client. Similarly, we decline to accept any deadline imposed on us which would be incompatible with the task assigned.

Adherence to quotations : all quotations prepared for clients are firm and binding. When drawing up our quotation and setting out the price, we are of course willing, where appropriate, to offer a reduction for adaptations of translations previously carried out by us or for texts containing identical or similar passages.


Precision : we provide you with an end-result that conforms to your expectations, and guarantee consistency of terminology and a format that accords with the original text.

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