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Ethics and deontology

In respect of any translation request or order, and irrespective of the nature of the document, the degree of urgency and the language combination, Traducta undertakes to respect the following ethical and deontological principles :

Our translations are carried out exclusively by translators having an excellent knowledge of the source language and of the target language, which must be their mother tongue. All our translators are very well versed in the specific field to which the job entrusted to them relates.

Observance of professional secrecy and confidentiality is an absolute rule, applied strictly and without exception, covering all documents entrusted to us, and indeed all information provided by the client. Out of the same concern for confidentiality, we never disclose the names of our external collaborators or those of our clients.

We strictly refrain from translating texts which are so technical that they go beyond the skills of our translators.

In the event of uncertainty as to the precise meaning of a term or formulation, we take the liberty of contacting our client in order to ensure a faithful translation of the term or formulation in question.


Our invoices are clear, transparent and detailed.

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