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Particulars of our charges can be provided on request by telephone, e-mail or fax.

Our rates are based on a price per line, which varies depending on the source language and the target language.

In working out the cost of your translation, we base our calculation on the number of standard lines (lines containing 50 characters) of the target language as indicated by the Tools – Word Count function forming part of the WORD software.

Certification is invoiced at the rate of € 15.00 for the stamp on the final page and € 1.50 for each initialled page preceding the final page.

The minimum fee charged by us currently amounts to € 40.00. VAT is payable at the rate of 17%.

Any client, whether a private individual or a business, may request a free quotation without obligation by sending the document to be translated to us using our contact form or fax or by bringing it in person to our offices.

To that end, you are strongly advised to send us the complete text of your document.

All requests for quotations are dealt with in confidence and as quickly as possible.

At the same time, we will indicate to you the time needed to complete the translation work, where necessary after consulting the translator concerned. Quotations are retained for a period of two months.

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